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Service provider for FairCoop

The FairCoop community is trying to establish a global circular ethical economy. With FairCoin they use their own medium of exchange and more than 50 Local Nodes are giving support and store and exchange goods.

fairkom is providing for FairCoop under "fair use" conditions gratis since 2015 hosting of

Neue fairchat Version für Android & iOS

Mit neuem Design und weiteren Funktionen ist die Version 1.2 der fairchat mobile App für Android und iOS jetzt online verfügbar.

fairchat App mit neuem Design

In den letzten Wochen haben wir die fairchat App rundum erneuert. Neues Design, einfacheres Login und viele kleine Optimierungen.

fairchat in the media

With our messanger service fairchat, fairkom has been nearly hugged-to-death by media talking about fairchat. We only gave some press material to local magazines, but many radio stations and print magazines created a story. Well, servers remained stable when thousands of new fairlogin users registered.

Creative Commons Policy Roundup

In a new year's newsletter CC is highlighting aspects of what needs to be done on the political stage. Here is an excerpt with links of the sources. The CC Austria team will be looking forward to continue pushing such issues on a national level also in 2018. 


Identity federation workshop at TIIME conference

Interested in the topic of identity federation? Your NGO could run its own identity server and federate with fairlogin and other NGOs. This way we can build an ecosystem of distributed identity servers, independent of facebook or twitter accounts. upgrade

Writing text together: is the choice for many for meeting minutes, task lists, guest lists and idea creation.

Testing fairlogin with the FairCoop community

A brief update on our Single-Sign-On project "fairlogin": We have keycloak running at and created a fairlogin realm. We migrated users into the LDAP and are now connecting one service after the other.

FairCoin is rising!

After almost 2 years, where all users of FairCoin, have been accustomed to an exchange rate of 0,05€ (20 Faircoin = 1 €), FairCoop' assembly has decided to raise that to 0,0667 € (so now 15 Faircoin = 1 €). 

FairCoin2 development update

Hi all!

This is an update about the latest development around FairCoin2.