An etherpad for collaborative working

Simultaneous writing on the net - very easy

Quick notes, wish lists or collective planning and protocolling. With's Etherpad, ideas can be shared and developed collectively and simultaneously. The board name also serves as access code.

Open Source Etherpad-lite technology

Fair use
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Climate neutral hosting in Europe

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Create a new board

Enter a page name on and get started.

Tables, images or comments are also possible.
You can find the list of all features in the WIKI.


Demo board


Etherpads for your organization

Usage by educational insitutions only with a fairapps edu package.
Use in a company or organization also requires a fairapps subscription.
You can also contact us for custom solutions and integrations.
We also host your own branded version on our kubernetes cluster.

sales [at] (SALES[at]FAIRKOM[dot]EU)

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