fair.tube as alternative to YouTube

Based on PeerTube

The video-platform fair.tube invites users to share videos privately or publicly. The special thing about the alternative video platform is the peer-to-peer transmission. This means that when you watch a video, your own computer helps to distribute the video. If many people watch the same video at the same time, the browser sends small video parts to other viewers. The distribution of the data streams is particularly energy-efficient, even with many viewers no large server capacities have to be provided in the data center. If you need to save bandwidth, you can also disable p2p mode.

With a fairlogin account everyone can upload videos to fair.tube. Users who want to share their videos are not dependent on large video platforms that collect user data and place advertising. fair.tube is financed by subscription packages and therefore remains free of advertising.


With peer-to-peer transmission, data streams are divided and server overload is prevented.

GDPR Compliant

The servers are located in Austria and Germany. Apart from the login, no personal data is stored.


Events can be live-streamed.

fair.tube is part of Fediverse, a network of alternative social media with more than 7000 servers and over 4 million active users (2021).
The Fediverse also includes the Twitter alternative Mastodon or the Instagram alternative Pixelfed. The main difference to the large commercial providers is that the program code is visible to those interested: there are no hidden algorithms, but numerous extensions and everyone can become a publisher themselves. A:e operator:in a PeerTube platform can make their own videos available to other platforms or subscribe to them. Responsible for this is the ActivityPub protocol recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium W3C for decentralized networks. The transmission from the server and between browsers takes place via WebRTC, a protocol that is also used in video conferences. In this way we enable an independent selection and variety of videos without having to set up


fair.tube Videos

Prices for fair.tube

fair.tube free

up to 5 GB

2 GB daily video quota


with fairstream

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fair.tube basic

up to 50 GB

5 GB daily video quota

for 9 € / month

with fairstream

fair.tube basic

fair.tube pro

up tp 150 GB

15 GB daily video quota

for 20 € / month

with fairstream

fair.tube pro

for fair.tube

fair.tube unlimited

no data-limit

unlimited video quota

Price on request

with fairstream and premium support


sales [at] fairkom.eu (sALES[at]FAIRKOM[dot]EU)

fair.tube events

no data-limit

no viewer-limit

 229 € / Day

with fairstream and premium support

sales [at] fairkom.eu (sALES[at]FAIRKOM[dot]EU)

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