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Schnelle Notizen, Wunschlisten oder gemeinsames Planen und Protokollieren. Mit dem Etherpad von können Ideen gemeinschaftlich und gleichzeitig geteilt und weiterentwickelt werden. Der board Name ist gleichzeitig der Zugangscode.

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Bildungseinrichtungen bestellen eine fairapps edu Paket.
Die Verwendung in einem Unternehmen erfordert ebenfalls eine Subskription.
Auch für individuelle Lösungen und Integrationen kannst du uns gerne kontaktieren.

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Open Source Etherpad-Lite Technologie

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PayWhatYouWant FAQ's (in Englisch)

Can I protect a board with a password?

Currently no, and honestly: you won't need it. Simply choose a (long) name of your board which can not be easily guessed. Pass it on to your colleagues. No search engine is able to find out the board names.

When did start?

Our etherpad-lite service up and running since 2011 without major interruptions. On 17 Sept 2017 we did a major upgrade to continue smooth operations. On 28 February 2018 we made the start page look nicer.

I get an error message

In case you see an error message, your Javascript may not be up-to-date. try to completely reload the page with Ctrl-R or F5.

Will existing boards be deleted at a certain time?

Existing boards won't be deleted at the moment.

Do you make backups?

Yes. In case we have a severe technical problem, we can recover the last state. However, we do not have access to individual boards. WIth the timeslider, each user can go back into the history of each board.

How can I make the font size bigger on my screen?

Press Ctrl-+

How can I link to another board?

Use the board name like [[Vgarten]] to link internally. For external links simply write

Can I embed tables?

Unfortunately, the tables plugin does not work properly . We recommend to use

Can I embed images or files?

You can upload files (works best with Chrome browser) and embed images by simply uploading using the clip or pasting the image URL.

Editing does not work

Use a Firefox or Chromium browser, they are best compatible, IE may not work at all, not all Safari browsers may work.
If the board "hangs" and you have no clue, press Ctrl-R or F5 to completely reload the page or simply wait until the next day. The board server is restarted every night at 6 a.m. CET to collect all "dead" boards.

Can I export boards

Yes, in several formats. We've now improved the export with tidy, removing html tags. However, some bigger boards are not properly converted and the board may hang.

I found a bug

Please report on the left or check if somebody already has reported the same issue and comment. Be precise when describing the misbehaviour, please.

I have a wish

You may also put it into the issue tracker

Can I clear the pad?

You may simply delete all text. If you need to delete also the timeline, please send your inquiry to support [at] and why the pad should be deleted. Please consider a donation for such kind of manual effort.

Who is operating

Provided and green hosted by fairkom Cloud Services in Austria, Europe.