Social Design

Design of social processes with suitable communication

We focus on design for sustainability with open source methods and tackle social, organizational or technical challenges together.

  • How can changes in companies or organizations be supported?
  • Which developments need a broader review?
  • How can social and virtual networks be developed and maintained?

With more than 20 years of project experience, we face exciting questions. Our goal is to have a lasting impact, in both senses. Not every project idea works out, but we have taken numerous concepts one step further or accompanied company start-ups at various stages.

How we accompany processes
With a wide network of people with a lot of experience

Core competencies

Open innovation & brainstorming
Organisational support & trainings
Incubation & roll-out
Brand and media development
Corporate image & design
Specification & programming of software components
(Corporate) social responsibility

Project process

Phase 0: Fact finding (1-4 PT)
Phase 1: Definition / specification (2-10 PT)
Phase 2: Quick fixes (2-5 PT)
Phase 3: Agile development (10-30 PT)
Phase 4: Review & documentation (2-5 PT)
Phase 5: Iteration (10-30 PT)

Get-to-know workshops

Long Night of Philosophy 2020
Ars Electronica Festival 2019
Makers4Humanity 2018+2019
Transition Österreich Graz 2017 Zürich 2016
Degrowth 2015 Leipzig

We donate
Time and infrastructure

In the sense of a network for the common good, fairkom supports social and sustainable organizations and initiatives with IT know-how, infrastructure and process support. With our many years of experience, we accompany various civil society projects that are committed to social and democratic coexistence and/or environmental issues.

Logo zu FairCoin


A democratic currency for a fair economy

FairCoin was conceived as a medium of exchange: a social currency designed to be stable, global and incorruptible. The goal of the FairCoin movement is to create an innovative glocal economic system from the bottom up - for a collective change towards a life based on shared values. Collaboration, ethics, solidarity and transparency are key. We support the first democratic cryptocurrency FairCoin with IT infrastructure and communication.


Grafik zu Ethify und Werte

Proposal for a values fan for ethical living

"I live as I please" was chic for Pippi Langstrumpf and in the 80s and 90s, but the postmodern "anything goes" no longer works. The financial system has come apart at the seams, ecosystems are threatening to collapse, and according to the latest calculations of the Club of Rome, total collapse is imminent before 2030. Boosting consumption will not save us. We have to talk again about what is important to all of us, detached from religions and world views.


Bild zu fairmove


After numerous workshops we have developed a generic label for sustainable initiatives and actions as well as a matching license. Everyone is allowed to use it for this purpose, details are regulated in a Label Commons Public License. Premiere was at the Ars Electronica Festival in 2019.


Logo zu fairmove


An association of Internet platforms with the aim of working together more effectively for eco-social change. The goal of the network is to connect proven and new web technologies for sustainability initiatives and to make them usable. We support with ideas, fairlogin and IT infrastructure.


Logo zu FairCoop

Glocal cooperative

FairCoop is a global network of self-organized and self-determined local communities and individuals. The goal is to build an innovative bottom-up glocal economic system, in favor of an alternative and post-capitalist model, paving the way for a collective change towards a communal life. Global principles and frameworks are defined collectively, on behalf of all, and simultaneously implemented at the local level, according to region-specific needs and circumstances.

Logo zu Grundeinkommen

Our basic income

A good life for all

An "unconditional basic income" would make us all freer and we could live together in a healthier, more sustainable and more solidary way. The initiative has set itself the goal of stimulating the socio-political discussion for an unconditional basic income and to set additional impulses with the raffle of an unconditional basic income. The raffle has since been discontinued, but the initiators are still actively pursuing the issue. fairkom supported the project with IT infrastructure, programming and design.

Are you interested in social design support?

We would be happy to discuss with you which processes, structures and media are needed to make your project a success.

info [at] (INFO[at]FAIRKOM[dot]EU)