IT with open standards & Open Source Software

secure, agile and user-friendly

We see customer benefit, longevity and clear communication as essential elements in the realization of IT and communication projects. In the fairkom network, an experienced, multidisciplinary team works on solutions for specific requirements.
From software programming and system control to the development of mobile apps, we are able to serve the needs of our customers. With the recourse to existing open source modules, we offer secure, license-free and thus affordable software applications that we adapt and integrate into existing systems.

Open Source Software
becomes fair usable
What? Open Source Software fair usable as instead of
videoconferences Jitsi Meet fairmeeting Zoom, Skype
more videoconferences BigBlueButton fairteaching Microsoft Teams, WebEx
chat Rocket.Chat / Matrix fairchat Slack, WhatsApp
cloud solution Nextcloud faircloud Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive
office suite Only Office / Collabora faircloud or desktop application Microsoft Office
text editor Etherpad
web-based editor for collaborative editing  
video platform

with peer-to-peer transmission YouTube, Vimeo
social media Mastodon
federated universe
fairmove X

single sign-on /
identity management

Keycloak fairlogin Google Konto


What does fair usable mean?

customized, individual packages as required
integration and customization of open source software
hosted in our kubernetes cluster within the EU

What do we give back?

cooperation with open source communities
everything we develop is also open source
more open source software for the future


Customized IT solutions

independent and controllable

We focus on individual solutions and adaptations for the specific needs of our customers. Our team accompanies companies and organizations from problem and survey analysis to conception and planning, implementation to project completion with extensive operational support.
In addition to IT Consulting, we independently program software, mobile apps or adapt existing applications. Open source applications ensure secure independence and complete control of internal applications and data.

sales [at] (SALES[at]FAIRKOM[dot]EU)

Working method
and procedure

1) Getting to know and understand each other

  • conversation via video conference / on site
  • what is the issue? what is the problem?
    • what are the needs / requirements? where are the pain points?
    • who has been responsible for the IT services & infrastructure so far?
  • the project team is put together accordingly

2) Analysis of the current situation

  • which open source applications are in use?
  • where is proprietary software used?
  • future role of open source software
    • which applications should be replaced / optimized / supplemented?
    • what impact will this have on IT operations & internal processes?

3) Detailed analysis of the existing infrastructure

  • now it gets technical...
  • We dig deeper and examine the server landscape, interfaces and external services.
  • What would the integration of open source modules into the existing infrastructure look like?

4) Conception

  • develop strategy and project plan
  • design user stories / use cases
  • record tasks as issues in a project management tool
  • specify deployment environments (dev/staging/prod) on-premises or at fairkom
  • allocate hours / define responsibilities
    and roles

5) Realization and implementation

  • enough analysis, now it's time for implementation...
  • prove feasibility using a proof of concept
  • deployments, CI/CD pipelines
  • user feedback, further development with adjustments
  • beta test phase
  • acceptance and roll-out

6) Service and support

  • possible at any time: iterative further development & optimization
  • optional: service after project completion with maintenance
  • optional: Service Level Agreement (SLA) with guaranteed response time
IT Consultants
fairkom and osAlliance

In 2002, we started building the osAlliance professional network.

More than 20 open source experts expand the fairkom core team
on a flexible and project-related basis.


Consulting, support, implementation
Horizontal and vertical integration

We connect open source components horizontally with SingleSignOn
and vertically via interfaces. We develop extensions as required
and pay attention to longevity, usability and good design.

Thanks to open source software, there are no hidden backdoors and no lock-in effect,
but flexibility, supplier independence, increased security and no license fees.

sales [at] (SALES[at]FAIRKOM[dot]EU)