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fairmatrix as chat solution

for open and distributed communication in real time

Matrix is a distributed messenger concept where servers exchange messages with an @ address, just like e-mail. Everyone chooses a matrix provider, and fairkom becomes one too.  An organization or a family can also set up its own home server.

fairkom plans to operate a powerful matrix server at fairchat.eu. As with all fairapps, you can get started with a fairlogin account. To chat with someone else, the person's Matrix identity can simply be invited into a room.
Bridges to WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal are also planned.

open network of servers

communication in real time

independent from one provider

connection with standard web services via WebRTC

Schulchat RLP
Messenger for schools in Rheinland-Pfalz

With the delivery of the Schulchat RLP for half a million pupils in full expansion in 2023, we were able to gain extensive experience in the development and operation of Matrix. We now want to incorporate this knowledge into the fairapps portfolio.

More about fairkom's messenger for Rhineland-Palatinate in the


in the fairapps Lab

fairchat.net, currently based on Rocket.chat, is to be moved to the Matrix server fairchat.eu.
To this end, we plan to migrate the groups and messages in the second half of 2024. The name fairchat will be retained.
The Anroid and iOS app will then be replaced.

Until then, we are experimenting with Matrix in our fairapps Lab. The Matrix server fairchat.eu can already be tested with fairlogin, for example with Element in the faircloud. New technologies are tested in fairkom's development lab before they are launched. This also gives customers the opportunity to try out Matrix in advance. However, it should be noted that we do not guarantee data backup for products that are in the fairapps Lab. This means that you are welcome to test it, but chat histories that are kept for testing purposes will probably be deleted before launch.

As with all fairapps, Matrix is hosted in a climate-neutral and data protection-compliant manner.

Our services
around Matrix

Hosting of (large) home servers
Consulting for matrix-based messenger solutions
Customization of clients and apps
Integration of voice and video calls
Standard and customer-specific bridges
Scalable deployments on kubernetes
On premise deployment and operational support
Integration with identity management systems


fairkom has developed and hosted chat solutions with various open source frameworks. We are now focusing on matrix-based solutions as interoperability is a key requirement from customers and users.

Which client?
FluffyChat or Element
Screenshot zu FluffyChat


Flutter as a common code base
for web, Android, iOS, desktop apps

supports multi-accounts

color appearance customizable

Screenshot zu Element


different programming languages for different devices
TypeScript for web, Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android

customization and maintenance more difficult

as an app in the faircloud

Why better Matrix
instead of Rocket.Chat
Matrix Logo


as an open protocol

maintained by the Matrix.org Foundation

for decentralized, secure communication

RocketChat Logo


venture capital funded project

features like custom roles within the enterprise version

requires purchase of licenses

Background info

The two products, RocketChat and Matrix, differ in their governance structure and licenses. The Matrix Foundation "watches over" the standard and guarantees its openness. The Synapse server is licensed under the Apache License and contributors only need to certify that they are the author of the code they contribute. Details can be found in the Contributor Guidelines, which also apply to the popular Element client. fairkom develops custom clients based on FluffyChat for web, desktop, iOS and Android - this is subject to the AGPL license.

Meanwhile, important parts of the code of RocketChat, especially for use in the enterprise environment, are under an Enterprise License. All co-developers are required to sign a Contributor License Agreement, which allows RocketChat to license contributed code differently.

If you are looking for professional matrix solutions, you will usually come across the company Element. This company offers Synapse and Element with support from a single source for a license fee. The same software is and remains open source and can be installed and operated independently. The company Element is venture capital funded and relies on selling product packages. This includes a management console, but we have not yet seen the need for this in our operations, since we can also implement monitoring with Prometheus, for example. So Element is just a player in the market, which certainly provides important impetus for the further development of Matrix, but which does not make decisions about Matrix.