Messenger sollen kompatibel werden

Der Digital Market Act soll insbesondere die Dominanz etwa von Meta einschränken. Egal welcher Messenger, ob WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, XMPP oder Matrix,  genutzt wird, jede.r soll erreichbar sein und jede:r soll jeder Gruppe beitreten können. Das funktioniert ja auch bei Telefonie und erfordert Standardisierung.

fairchat 2.0 for Android is now available

The new fairchat app has a totally new framework, a new design and many new functions. Based on the React Native App developed by Rocket.Chat, the new mobile app offers several improvements and additional features. In addition, the app can be connected to several Rocket.Chat servers at the same time.

We provide digital alternatives

With fairapps we want to provide a data secure, social and green alternative to big commercial data collectors, which takes data protection seriously. Therefore we have compiled a portfolio on with the best open source web alternatives to common online services.

Rocket.Chat and fairkom Announce Partnership

The leading open source team collaboration platform Rocket.Chat and the Austrian Open Source consulting association fairkom will further expand their cooperation in order to jointly promote the Rocket.Chat technology.