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No ads. No tracking. All media.

fairsuch contacts various sources and displays the results clearly.

  • endless scrolling without turning pages
  • Wikipedia article highlighted when available
  • Advanced setting with limitation of the period (day/week/month/year)
  • No personal data is stored on the server

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 fairsuch.net is a search engine completely without advertising and tracking

fairsuch is based on the ingenious open source project searx.
All search queries are encrypted and completely anonymous.

Yes, there is also Ecosia or DuckDuckGo, these also offer relatively good privacy.
Ecosia shares your client ID with Microsoft's search engine Bing and deletes it only after four days.
Both finance their operation with advertising. A part of the revenue is used by ecosia
for planting trees. That's a bit greenwashing, isn't it?

fairsuch is co-financed by fairapps packages and remains openly accessible (fair use) until further notice.

fairsuch/searx can also be used as an own branded search engine with pre-selected results, e.g.
from the organization's own WIKI. We are happy to offer a consulting package for this.

Any questions?
Answers in the FAQs
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