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Keep up to date with short messages. Follow other people and be followed. Without AI, filters or advertising. fairmove is a generic term for sustainable action, not only for real initiatives, but also on the net. And specifically in the Fediverse (nested word from the English term "federated universe") - an association of alternative social networks. is part of it, with particularly powerful servers (kubernetes hosting) and its own external storage (for many images and also short videos).
Self-sufficient and free.

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Green & Fair

Energy-efficient and CO2-neutral servers. Surpluses are invested in in-house developments, social and sustainable projects.


Privacy Policy

We take privacy very seriously and host our Mastodon instances in Europe.


Open Source

Autonomous servers can interact with each other using the ActivityPub protocol. The code for the application is open access - there is no hidden backdoor.


Diversity instead of silo

How do I get access to Mastodon?

Mastodon is not a single service, but actually a technology offered by providers like email. Thus, the service consists of many small Mastodons (instances) that exchange information via the so-called ActivityPub protocol and represent a broad spectrum of interest groups. The instances can be private, funded by subscriptions or by donations, and can design their own policies. Those who want to become members pick an appealing instance on and register.
fairkom offers an instance operated in Europe. Registration is free via fairlogin account. If you use your account regularly, please book a fairapps package or donate something according to our fair use motto.

visit @fairmove.netregister with fairlogin


Advantage decentralization

How does the structure of Mastodon work?

As part of Fediverse, Mastodon is a way to get in touch with each other - as a kind of social network. The focus of the Twitter alternative is the decentralized structure and the newsfeed that cannot be changed by filters, algorithms or advertising. The users are clearly in the foreground and so the lively activity of the community can also be found in the open source project on GitHub. If you have an account in the Fediverse, you can exchange with users of other instances or subscribe to them, for example someone on our video platform, which is also part of the Fediverse. The users are clearly in the foreground and so the lively activity of the community can also be found in the open source area However, the decentralization is by no means a limitation: You can exchange information with users of other instances in exactly the same way.

Photo credit The Postillon, Mastodon

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