The blockchain from the Alps

With FairChains we provide a resource-friendly blockchain application as open source tool kit. Create your own chain. Properties can be adapted to your specific application area. The specially developed Proof-of-Cooperation mechanism introduces democratic structures on a technical level and, thus, enables efficient, fast and secure transactions.

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A chain that grows with your needs

From database, communication and exchange currency systems to complex processes and supply chains - FairChains can be used for a variety of applications. As a private or public blockchain FairChains enables continuous storage of information on an expanding list of data records. Security is guaranteed through Proof-of-Cooperation technology. All information is stored in a forgery-proof and traceable manner.

FairChains allows fast transactions world wide. Energy-saving, reliable, transparent and immutable.

Long life support

Some parameters like block spacing or a transaction fee can be adjusted during the life time of the blockchain without the need to publish a new software version. The dynamic block parameters may be set by chain servants in a multi-signature session.


FairChains facilitates the same PoC technology as
the democratic crypto currency FairCoin. 



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FairChains Business

A blockchain for your venture

Our services:

  • requirement analyses and concepts
  • support
  • building chains 
  • verify your chain


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Thomas König

Developer of FairChains, LINUXIT - Dornbirn