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With FairChains, we provide a resource-friendly blockchain application as open source tool kit. Create your own chain in 20 minutes. Properties can be adapted to the specific application area. The energy-saving proof-of-cooperation mechanism is suitable for both private and public chains and stores transactions in a tamper-proof manner.

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Whether for database, communication and exchange currency systems or for mapping complex processes and supply chains: FairChains can be used for a variety of applications. As a blockchain, FairChains enables continuous storage of information on an expanding list of records. Security is guaranteed via the technology. All information is stored in a tamper-proof and traceable manner.

FairChains stands for fast transactions of information. Energy-saving, reliable, transparent and immutable.


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FairChains PoC technology has proven itself in the democratic cryptocurrency FairCoin.

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Thomas König

Developer of FairChains, LINUXIT - Dornbirn