fairmeeting & fairteaching

2 Video Conferencing Solutions for meetings, webinars, lectures and workshops

Looking for an alternative to Zoom, Skype, MS Teams and Co? With our fairmeeting packages, we offer two data protection-compliant solutions for all needs with one subscription. Both applications offer web conferences without software installation with multiple participants, integrated chat function, screen sharing, documents for joint notes and much more.

Privacy and data protection are important to us, which is why we rely on comprehensive data security and do not sell any data to third parties. All our applications are GDPR compliant, ad-free and run on energy-efficient and CO2-neutral servers powered by green electricity.



ad-free on energy-efficient and CO2-neutral servers


Open Source

no hidden backdoors - anyone can see the source code



Comprehensive data protection - Privacy is important to us

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Jitsi Meet

Audio / video conference in the browser
for team meetings or spontaneous conversations
chat function, shared notes, breakout rooms,
interactive gestures

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Audio / video conference in the browser
for webinars, lectures and workshops
Chat function, shared whiteboard, breakout rooms,
Assign roles

1 Subscription - 2 Applications
fairmeeting and fairteaching in one Package

fairmeeting and fairteaching enable audio and video conferencing.

With fairmeeting and also with fairteaching, audio and video conferences can be started in the browser and shared via a link.

The fairteaching functions, based on BigBlueButton, are designed for webinars, lectures and workshops. In addition to fairteaching, fairmeeting, based on JitsiMeet, also offers a variety of functions. Both video conference applications allow, among other things, the creation of breakout rooms and the selective management of participants. fairteaching distinguishes between the roles of moderator and presenter, while fairmeeting has the role of moderator. Within both applications it is possible to take notes together or to draw on a whiteboard.

We have the two applications fairmeeting and fairteaching in one subscription because we want to give subscribers the opportunity to try out and use both applications according to their individual needs.


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fairmeeting & fairteaching

server locations
GDPR Compliant




Video conferencing applications in comparison
fairmeeting vs. Skype, MS Teams, Zoom


  • no installation necessary, runs browser-based
  • servers are located in Europe, other servers are not accessed
  • cookies are deactivated
  • no registration required, personal data is encrypted
  • fairmeeting in combination with an order processing agreement ensures legal certainty and is therefore GDPR-compliant

Skype, MS Teams, Zoom

  • installation of a proprietary client that does not know exactly what it is transmitting and to whom
  • operator can track chat logs and record conversations
  • secret services have access to the connection data via special access rights (FISA & National Security Letter)
  • personal data required
  • room numbers can be guessed by scripts