fairkom is not just installing open source software and offers them as a service. We are also testing a lot and try to improve it.

For BigBlueButton it seems we solved a tricky issue on sharing the camera by finally just extending a timeout. Together with BBB core developer Paulo we analyzed the routing behaviour with iOS devices in restricted networks and he got a solution. We had contributed code to BBB to allow audio sharing when playing video when sharing a screen and our developer Dennis is discussing the pros and cons of doing that client or server side. The latter is now available in BBB 2.3alpha8.

Fred Dixon is the BBB maintainer and is following our activities, such as the live translation feature in our fairblue version for BigBlueButton.  He also said hello at our BBB hackathon we had co-organized in Munich in summer 2020.

The database storage of our large etherpad instance board.net was growing fast after an upgrade. After a video conference with the maintainer John McLear we could identify the issue as a quality improvement for the history slider. We contributed monitoring data to analyse the issue.

Together with Rocket.Chat core developers we are working on a team extension within the NGIatlantic project fairteam.

On our kubernetes cluster we were hunting an issue with CEPH file based storage for months. We use the Rook orchestrator and we could help to identify and solve a problem with networking.

Giving back to the community is an important factor for a vital commons culture. We are part of it!

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