fairkom's portfolio and customer base is growing fast in 2020. We are looking for a  developer for projects like:

  • fairteam: extending Rocket.Chat with team capabilities
    • extend the API (specs available)
    • add some user interface aspects for team-channel relations
    • support available by RocketChat core team, even visiting them in Brazil possible
  • fairsync: connecting events and maps (SPARQL client)
  • fairteaching: adding white label features to BigBlueButton and BBBatscale
  • fairchat: white labelling projects with the react-native app

Skillset wishlist:

  • agile with frameworks like vuejs, meteor, react, reactnative
  • used to work with git and issues
  • basic linux sysadmin experience
  • fluent in english and ideally also in german language

If you are interested in working with a nice team and share our open source culture values then get in touch with us!


info [at] fairkom.eu

Remote work is a valid option.

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