We have been invited to present FairCoin and FairChains at the unblock3d conference at 1st of April 2019 at the University of Economy in Vienna. The Institute of Crypto Economics was inviting change makers for sustainability to showcase their blockchain based projects.

We made a lot of interesting contacts and met some old friends. Visitors liked our two innovations:

  1. Energy saving Proof-of-Cooperation consensus algorithm
  2. Dynamic blockchain parameters

In fact, we think theses are really nice USPs compared to many other coins or token systems. And now you can build your own PoC based chain in 20 minutes. Sure it takes much more time for planning, defining nodes, white labelling etc. But you can run your own independent blockchain on your own network with low ressources and we are happy to help planning, building and supporting your chain project.

More Information: www.fairchains.org & unblock3d.net


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