Within the fairsync project we have been investigating solutions to synchronise map data and events  hosted at various platforms. After a long research phase we are  convinced that Linked Open Agents are the key for distributing data AND  its ownership. We use the term agents for any person or organisation in  some public accessible database. In the fairsync project, our data  providers are maps, holding vaulable data on sustainably performing  initiatives, organisation and companies. A common requirement is making  them more easily visible on each others' platforms and on their members'  web sites, beyond embedding data from just one source.
 We are  building several RDF adapters that will allow us to feed RDF servers  with data from databases holding information on agents. Within the  fairsync project we show that SPARQL allows anybody to perform search  queries on all RDF servers. That way, filtered results can be embedded  at any data sink and be presented for specific purposes.

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Future of Information access
for search and discovery
in Next Generation Internet

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