Smartphone Cloud

Operate Android without Google.

Protect the privacy on your smartphone with open source software and our Fair Cloud.

Who knows you better than you do? Google stores all searches, also on diseases, politics or business.

Who is allowed to ask every US-companies for all information? All American intelligence without any court order. Every employee of IT companies have to follow the US-Patriot Act and may not even tell his superiors about the transmission of data.

More than 70% of all smartphones using the Android operating system. Linked to this is the compromise that Google stores every step: what we write, where we are, what we ask, who we know. Although Google claims to collect these data only to optimize search results, it may result to complications in the private and in the business environment.Namely, when the United States specify a superior national interest, or when user profiles are sold.

All Android phones or tablets can also be operated without connection to Google. A account, in this case, provides email, calendar and address. On alternative markets Apps are available or you can install them easily manually (and not from Google Play).

With an alternative operating system like CyanogenMod or Replicant also older models are running fast and secure (with wondrous memory expansion because apps and data are placed on the SD card). We advise companies in particular, as they can prevent their employees to put contacts and documents on the server that comply with the European Privacy Policy. Because the Safe Harbour Agreement with the US has been declared as invalid by the ECJ in October 2015. Private users can immediately use our GroupOffice as an alternative to managing email, calendar, and contacts. With 256bit encryption and perfect forward secrecy.

In this video, we explain students of the FH Vorarlberg the (optional) installation of Cyanogenmod and the connection to the fairkom Cloud.


This is how you liberate an Android smartphone from the Google cloud:

  1. Take a fairkom account for mail, calendar, addresses, files and your smartphone.
  2. Create a TitaniumBackup (with user data, demands root).
  3. or exported the addresses, save these and your mobile photos on a PC and additionally write down the main access data (WiFi passwords etc.)
  4. Revert Android to factory settings (the only way to get rid of a Google account).
  5. Optionally install a current and open Android version (for example, CyanogenMod with OneClick.apk), see Video.
  6. Add business account (also called Exchange Account or Corporate Sync, but not Office), specify as the server, and allow all certificates.
  7. Use an alternative for a business account (in case the Exchange Version on your smartphone needs to much energy or is not an original, which is mainly the case with cheap mobile phones) DavDroid App. With that you can synchronize all calendar, tasks and address book (our guide here and click here to visit DavDroid Homepage).
  8. Import TitaniumBackup or import previously exported contacts in a GroupOffice address book.
  9. Install alternative applications, here are some tips:

Alternative Android App Stores (instead of Google Play):

  • F-Droid – exclusively open source apps (like k9-mail for mail, Firefox, KeePass, OpenStreetMap, ...)
  • (very comprehensive, apps directly downloadable or via their app)
  • appsapk (have all apps up to date, direct download link)
  • SlideMe (biggest app store after Google Play)
  • Aptoide (every user can open their own store)
  • appsZoom (download with QR code)

The installation of other sources must be allowed in the settings.

Other recommendations for applications:

  • AirDroid - Remote control of your smartphone from your desktop via WiFi (with access to SD card or the possibility to install an app directly as apk)
  • DuckDuckGo - alternative search engine
  • KeePassDroid  - universal password memory, compatible with KeePassX on the desktop
  • Firefox or Opera browser - no automatic transfer of the navigation step to Google
  • OpenStreetMap - very good maps and navigation, maintained by a worldwide community


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